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Name: John H. Watson, MD Age: 36 Height: 5'6" Weight: 14 stone… - Inbreeding Amuses Us [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The League of Extraordinary Deviants

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[Feb. 1st, 2004|02:20 am]
The League of Extraordinary Deviants


Name: John H. Watson, MD
Age: 36
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 14 stone
Gender: Male
Residence: 221b Baker Street
Player: Ben Bagamery

Born in 1852 in England, Watson was educated at a fairly good public school, then went on to the University of London to earn his degree in medicine, which he earned in 1878. Fresh out of university, he enlisted in the army, taking a course for surgeons and stationed in Afghanistan. Wounded in 1880, and suffering from a bad case of fever, he was given passage back to England to recover on half-pay.

With his health irretrievably ruined and suffering from insufficient cash flow to live in a flat by himself, he was compelled to share an apartment with one Sherlock Holmes, where he's been staying ever since. His army half-pay ran out near the end of 1881, and ever since he's been working as a general practice doctor and marrying eligible widows. When not at his practice, he can be found at his gentleman's club, at his apartment on Baker Street, or, in certain cases, out investigating extraordinary crimes as the assistant to Sherlock. Currently he is between wives.